Consistent Upswing in ASP
The picking up average selling price (ASP) successfully sent ADRO to post 4Q17’s soaring sales of 9.8% y-y into USD819 billion. 4Q17’s ASP figure at USD61 per ton surged by 20.4% y-y as opposed to 4Q16’s ASP figure at USD51 per ton. It consistently posted rising ASP as of 2Q16. We project that its ASP likely rises further in 2018.

Escalating Production Volume in 2018
In 4Q17, ADRO posted the production volume of 12.43 million tons sliding by 6.6% as opposed to 4Q16’s production volume of 13.31 tons. The slump was attributable by unfavorable weather conditions. We oversee that in 2018, it likely operates at the production volume of 54 million tons (+4.3% y-y) higher than 2017’s production volume.

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