Min Doo Ha

Let you introduce by yourself simply?
I have been working as a managing director of NHKORINDO Securitas since 2018. Before I joined the company, I was CEO of NHARP in Singapore for 3 years. I started my career as a wealth manager at LG investment & securities In 2000. I have experienced various areas of securities company including wealth manager for individual clients, principle investment, Hedge fund management and corporate planning and strategy.


What areas of Capital market interest you most?
As a managing director, I am trying to figure out What role of investment bank is in emerging market like Indonesia and what business should be built up in Indonesia as a financial service provider.


On a firmwide level, what do you think NH KORINDO is doing to ensure a culture of long-term success?
I believe retaining concrete relationship with clients based on mutual trust is most important factor for sustainable growth of our company. Mutual trust can be achieved only if every staff of our company have ‘client-first’ spirit and strive to have best-in-class knowledge and insights on Capital market.


How have your experiences and education prepared you for this role?
I majored in business at university and especially was interested in finance and accounting, which subjects make myself understand How to see firms as investment. While I carried on my career as wealth manager, I got MBA degree. I had a chance to study many global companies during that time, which help me to manage our company with providing many insights.